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High performance technical and creative teams for a networked world.

Peer to Peer Culture

Our creative development framework combines cross cultural communications, community resilience, and integral social sciences. In a globally networked economy, we understand that culture is central to a brand. Technology is driving one of the most transformative eras in history, without a map it's hard to make predictions, especially about the future.

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Network Partnerships

We are a Networked Innovation Agency offering access to leading providers of technology, engineering, and distributed ledger (blockchain) services for the Internet of Things economy. Strategically positioned between advertising agencies and technology networks we offer a unified approach creating a greater return on investment and value for our clients.

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Ted Schulman

Ted Schulman's broad perspective and collaborative approach as a consultant and change agent are based on engagements as an entrepreneur, corporate manager, consultant, author, and producer/director. A pioneer in interactive communications Ted has managed communications campaigns and programs for a highly diverse range of clients and industries.

He has the credibility that only comes from deep experience with major engagements. With experience spanning advertising, financial services, and technology innovation Ted maintains a commitment to social-good projects. A social anthropologist and evolutionary activist, Ted is a proponent for the transformative potential of open source software and culture.

A native New Yorker, Ted spent 15 years living downtown near Wall Street. He now lives uptown in Washington Heights across the street from a beautiful park on a river bank.

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  • Seafood Commons
  • DeRobbio for Mayor
  • Transformative Communities
  • NYS Trial Academy
  • Film JC
  • Association of International Seafood Professionals
  • Man Up Campaign
  • Seafood Commons

    The Seafood Commons™ is a collaborative social venture established by Seafood Industry stakeholders across industry sectors, regulation agencies, and society.

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  • DeRobbio for Mayor

    2018 Mayoral campaign, Providence, Rhode Island

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  • Transformative Communities

    Emerging think and do tank formed as a Community of Practice (CoP). Dedicated to developing the value and transformative potential of open source peer-to-peer technology, innovation, and culture for NGOs, policymakers, and the broader public.

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  • NYS Trial Academy

    Created for The New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers custom legal association software platform combines membership management, live CLE scheduling, online CLE and learning activities and additional enterprise-level functions on an open source platform.

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  • Film JC

    Jersery City, NJ Film Permits - Reserve Film Permits online. Schedule, pay, and distribute workflow process throughout relevent municiple agencies.

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  • Association of International Seafood Professionals

    The AISP is a Professional Association representing individuals and organizations from all sectors of the global seafood industry community. The dynamic markets of the seafood industry require balance with the critical need to stay up to date on practices, trends, product knowledge, and regulatory requirements.

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  • Man Up Campaign

    Transmedia culture change campaign and engagement framework. Engaging youth in a global movement to end gender-based violence and advance gender equality, through programming and support of youth-led initiatives intended to transform communities, nations and the world.

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